Remote Access VPN

Now more than ever, workers need access to the corporate network when working remotely.  If your company has mission critical applications and digital resources that you don’t want to expose, a VPN provides this level of security. Using our TitanSecure Solution Suite, our team will setup VPN access using the most secure protocols onto a laptop or workstation using our TitanSecure Solution Suite.

Secure your Digital Assets

In these times with businesses forced to have many of their employees work from their home, the issue arises on intellectual property and critical corporate owned software and files getting moved around loosly. The theft of sensitive information, such as financial information, your patient/customer personal details is vulnerable to theft, hardware crashes and other unforeseen issues.  VPN secure connection to your protected corporate network can greatly mitigate such issues where the data is protected and archived against any issues.  Santorini has worked with number of clients to implement solutions that fits their work flow.