Why Work with Us

At Santorini, we come to work every day because we want to solve real-world problems. Thinking of better solutions is in our DNA. Our roots are in healthcare and technology product design.  We have deep expertise in Healthcare where we worked many years understanding and implementing products meeting HIPPA requirements where safeguarding of patient health information (PHI) is a must.

If you are an owner or a senior leader for a healthcare business/practice with revenues of $500k and above, you have probably come to the realization that technology in health IT is a moving target. The risks significantly outweighs the savings if you handle this responsibility yourself (i.e. managing vendors, identifying solutions etc).  Working with a one-stop trusted solutions partner such as Santorini will alleviate this responsibility so that you can focus on your core business which is to make your business profitable.  Our real value proposition is that your overall business efficiency and productivity will increase while your IT spend on average should decrease.

How Company was Founded

In 2011, the company founder/president (Mr. Leni Thomas an Electrical Engineer) assisted his physician wife to open a private medical practice in the N. Dallas area. With requirements to be 100% paperless, HIPPA compliance and strict service-level agreement (SLA) requirements for technology, considerable effort and time was spent identifying quality vendors. Using his engineering background, decades of carrier grade product development background and a good understanding of healthcare requirements, the private medical practice when it opened its doors in 2011 became on of very few HIPPA compliant paperless practices in the area.  With this success at hand and roll out of similiar solution for other medical settings in the area, Santorini Solution was launched. We take pride in the fact that the company has grown organically mainly by word of mouth and referrals.


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