Pandemic and the New Normal

With government mandated stay-at-home orders, businesses have had to quickly adapt their workforce to be able to fully function remotely.  There are many businesses struggling with this transition due to technology challenges, security gaps and overall employee accountability.  Santorini Solutions has successfully transitioned our current customers and we are confident the overall solution will ensure that your business operations are not diminished.   Here are few items to note with what Santorini can offer:

  • Free consulting to understand the remote employee requirements with recommendations.
  • Free implementation of the new solution if you decide to work with Santorini.
  • We offer the most advanced phone system solution with capability for Remote Extensions within our IP-PBX Phone Solution
  • Our toolkit of  Secure Remote Work Solutions keeps your business compliant
  • Our Connected Mobile Workforce Solutions has been designed from day 1 for a workforce that is not tethered to a corporate location.


We will work with you team on fair pricing to ensure that you are successful

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